Today, more than ever, businesses must maximize their strengths and resources to reach their full potential. At C & S Mailing Resources, Inc., we have been able to help companies do this in several key areas of their business since June 1996.

First, by "freeing up" valuable employee time and allowing your company to do what it does best. There are a lot of postal regulations to keep updated on and we stay abreast of them all. Don't waste your employee's time preparing mailings only to have them rejected by the post office.

Secondly, by offering consulting services on postage rates and regulations to help you mail your job the most efficient and economical way, adding to your overall bottom line. At no extra charge before printing your piece, let us take a look at it to make sure all postal regulations are being met to ensure your piece will receive all applicable postage discounts.

Third, we enjoy providing you and your customers with a level of service and professionalism that goes beyond your expectations. We are a family owned business and the owners of the company are on site every day working directly with our employees on every mail job.

These are just a few of the areas we are committed to working together with your company as a team.